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Payment card
without bank account

SKPAY card offers all you expect from modern
payment card, no need to have a bank account.

I want SKPAY card

What's SKPAY card?

SKPAY is a prepaid contactless card you may use for payments and cash withdrawals, just like regular ATM card. And you don't need any bank account.

MasterCard technology

SKPAY card is powered by secure technology, which enables you to use the card without worries in Slovakia and anywhere in the world where you find the logo of our card.

Contactless payments

Even faster and more comfortable payments.

Mobile application

Check your balance, browse your transactions or change your card settings using web or mobile app.

SKPAY card features

  • Payments in shops, including contactless
  • ATM withdrawals
  • Payments and cash withdrawals at post office via POŠTOMAT (which means POS terminal at post office)
  • Secure online shopping with
  • Benefits with programme

    Loyalty programme is full of interesting benefits. For more information visit priceless specials

How to use the card?

Teenager card with a really cool app

Get instant access to your pocket money, including push notifications for every transaction.

Employee card

Do you need to send money to your employees or business partners? Please send us email to

Travel card

Planning a trip? Prepare your budget and spend only money sent to the card. The remaining funds are stored on your bank account.

Internet shopping card

Looking for secure ecomm online payments? Send money to the card and enjoy your shopping!

Card for anything

Ask for SKPAY card if you don't have a bank account, if you need to manage your budget, if you need to send money to someone, if...

You can top-up your SKPAY card by payment order or by cash at any post office or Postova banka's branch.

Payment order

for successful top-up please don't forget to fill-in:

  • IBAN of the Pool Account:
    SK98 6500 0000 0014 1414 1414
  • Variable symbol (VS):
    10 digit number printed on your card
  • If you send money from other than Slovak bank, please type the variable symbol to the field end-to-end reference using syntax VSxxxxxxxxxx/SS/KS
    If your VS is e.g. 5351234567, then end-to-end reference of your payment order should look like VS5351234567/SS/KS

My balance

Simply check your balance:

What is maximum top-up of SKPAY card?

1999,99 EUR for single top-up transaction

What if I didn't fill in the variable symbol?

Payment without variable symbol or to non-existing variable symbol will be automatically returned, if we are able to identify the sender's account. If you use other bank than Poštová banka, it will take 2 working days due to interbank settlement.

Top-up method Processing period
cashless by payment order
  1. from account in Poštová banka - within 60 min
  2. from acount in other SEPA banks – next business day at latest
by cash at post office realtime*
by cash at branches of Poštová banka within 60 min
* if you have your card with you, tap it to the POS terminal at post office, enter your PIN and money are credited to your card immediatelly

Daily limits

Default limit Limit range
POS terminal payment Limit: 500 € Range: 0 – 3000 €
ECOMM payment Limit: 500 € Range: 0 – 3000 €
Cash withdrawal Limit: 500 € Range: 0 – 3000 €
You can change your limit easily using SKPAY application, or submit your request at post office.

Contactless payment

  • up to 50 €* - just tap the card, PIN is not needed
  • over 50 € - tap and enter your PIN

* contactless no PIN limit may be different in other countries than Slovakia. Please note that the limit is temporarily set to 50€ instead of 20€ due to Anti-Corona measures!


You can find all fees related to SKPAY card in your SKPAY card contract. Here is the list of fees for most frequent transactions:

Transaction Amount
One off fee for card issuance: 12,00 €
Top-up by cash at post office or Poštová banka's branch: 2,00 €
Cashless top-up by payment order: Free of charge
Cashless payment on POS terminal or ECOMM: Free of charge
Purchase with Cashback: Free of charge
ATM and POS balance inquiry: 0,15 €
Cash withdrawal from ATM of Poštová banka: 1,00 €
Cash withdrawal from ATM of any other bank: 2,50 €
Cash withdrawal from POŠTOMAT (POS terminal at post office): 2,50 €
Cash withdrawal from POS terminal of any other bank: 2,50 €
ATM PIN change: 2,50 €
Card replacement (lost/stolen/damaged): 10,00 €

Card blocking, card and client data changes, claims

What to do, when your card was misused or stolen?

In case of lost, stolen or misused card please block your card immediatelly in SKPAY application or call +421 2 20 30 37 77 (24/7).

Please follow these principles:

  • don't lend the card to anyone, even family and friends
  • protect the card and PIN against loss, damage or theft
  • never write down your PIN - memorize it. Don't tell your PIN anyone. Don't carry your PIN with you, if your wallet or purse is stolen, you may lose your money.
  • please be very careful by transactions without PIN, and ecomm payments without SMS verification; shop only with merchants you know and trust
  • protect your card as if it was cash - never let it out of your possesion or control, even if you are paying with it
  • when typing in your pin, cover the keypad so others can't see.
  • Please remember we never ask clients about their PIN, login credentials, or personal data. So never respond to any suspicious emails or SMS from people, who pretend to act on behalf of SPPS. Do not open any hyperlinks or attachments in such messages.
  • Always login to SKPAY web application using official website. Web address must begin with https:// and there is always an icon of security lock displayed in the address bar:
  • Always download the SKPAY mobile app from original stores - Google Play / App Store.
  • If you think your card might be misused, immediatelly block your card via SKPAY app or call +421 2 20 303 777 (24/7 hotline)

Card changes

Update your contact details and card settings directly via SKPAY application, by email or in person at post office.


Please use the contact form in SKPAY application for any claim, complaint or any other suggestion. You can also use our email or visit post office.

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I want SKPAY card

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Please read above.
Card is activated automatically by first top-up by payment order or by cash. Renewed or replaced card is activated by first ATM transaction with PIN.
Contactless capability is activated by first contact transaction with PIN, the card must be inserted to POS terminal or ATM.
Please read above.
Please read above.
Please read above.

You can use ATM to change your PIN. Insert your card to the ATM, select „PIN change“, confirm your selection with your old PIN, enter your new PIN and repeat it.
You have 3 PIN tries per day. If you enter your PIN incorrectly more then 3 times in one day, your card will be temporarily disabled. You can try correct PIN next day again. If it fails, you may ask for PIN reprint – see next point „I forgot my PIN“.
It is possible to reprint the PIN and send it to your address. Request PIN reprint via SKPAY application, by email to or at post office.

Ecomm online payments must be usually verified by SMS code, which we send to your recorded mobile number. This code provides verification of the transaction. The service is called MasterCard ® Identity Check ™.

If we don't know your mobile number, it is not possible to pay at ecomm merchant supporting MasterCard ® Identity Check ™. Please see next question „How to update my contact details - email and mobile number?“

to register or update your mobile number. Please note that ecomm payments at merchants not supporting MasterCard ® Identity Check ™, are less secure and the risk of fraud much higher.

It is important so that we know your current email, mobile number and correspondence address. We use them to communicate with you. Update can be simply submitted via SKPAY application, by email to or in person at post office.

Important: If we don't know your mobile number, you cannot pay online at merchants supporting MasterCard ® Identity Check ™ (see also „How to pay online securely?“).

You can withdraw cash from any ATM or at post office using POŠTOMAT.
Transaction overview and monthly statement in pdf are available in SKPAY application.
Card blocking means, that the card is termporarily disabled. It is not possible to make any transactions - neither payments, nor cash withdrawals. Block your card immediatelly if you cannot find it, it was stolen or you find any transactions you don't remember. See section „Claims“. Don't forget to ask for replacement card – see point „I need a replacement card“.

You can block the card in SKPAY application or call +421 2 20 303 777, this hotline is available 24/7.
If you cannot find your card or it was stolen, block it immediatelly and request a replacement card. Use your SKPAY application, email, or visit post office. The card will be sent to your correspondence address. You may request card replacement also when your card is damaged (e.g. broken etc).
If you find a transaction not made by you, block your card immediatelly. See also „What does it mean to block the card“.
SKPAY card is valid 5 years. Before expiration, renewal card will be sent automatically to your correspondence address.
Card issuance and selected transaction types are charged. See your SKPAY card contract for details. Please see the pricelist of most frequent transactions in table above.
Variable symbol or VS is a ten digit identifier of your card account and it is printed on the front side of your card. You can find it also in your welcome letter. Correct variable symbol is mandatory for successful top-up.
Please use the contact form in SKPAY application for any claim, complaint or any other suggestion. You can also use our email or visit post office. See also our complaints procedure here.